Our Italian Shopping Safari is an exciting way of seeing the ‘real Italy’ as we visit a variety of different stores, private workshops, factories and much more that are off the beaten path and behind special local places. We have designed the Italian Shopping Safari, the undoubtedly best Shopping and Lifestyle Experience in Italy.

We partner with master artisans, designers, store owners, local friends, hoteliers, and top restaurants to create a week-long event that will immerse you in the world where the products you buy are created and hold true to the meaning behind “Made in Italy”. Get to know the processes and stories that make Italian products unique and the tradition that passes from one generation to the next. We have the greatest field experience and relationships with artisans, designers, and local businesses to offer you the best that Florence and other Tuscan cities have to offer.


Day 1 – arrival day in Florence (Sunday)
• Free time for guests to settle in.
• Welcome dinner and aperitif (drinks) Italian style at a private penthouse.
• Presentation of the week and program.

Day 2 – Monday
• Set out to explore Renaissance City. Enjoy an easy-going 3 hour walking tour.
• Lunch break.
• Private VIP Leather Shopping Experience.
• Private transfer that will take guests to Florentine’s Atelier where you can shop the Tuscan tradition of fine tableware, home goods and luxury loungewear.
• Enjoy a “chic-tea” time with bon-ton learning tips!
• Free night.

Day 3 – Tuesday
• Private transfer takes you to the factory outlets to enjoy an “off-road” shopping day around the industrial and fashion district.
• Lunch break: Enjoy lunch from a restaurant that is off-the-beaten path.
• Free night.

Day 4 – Wednesday
• Let’s enjoy a full shopping day right here in Florence!
• Lunch inside the most fashionable concept store.
• Shopping in Oltrarno, boho-chic district (jewelry workshop, artistic prints, the best of Florence’s vintage shopping).
• Cocktail Experience & Dinner: let’s toast to the long-shopping day at a secluded, stylish cocktail bar.

Day 5 – Thursday
• Private transfer will take guests to one of the smallest, oldest, and cutest Tuscan towns.
• Upon arrival, guests will stop for a quick coffee or espresso at the historical cafe where scenes from the famous “La Vita è Bella” were shot.
• Enjoy a relaxing stroll through the town to discover all that these elegant and quaint streets have to offer.
• Experience a guided visit to the museum that holds some of the most famous local art & antiques from collectors.
• Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant overlooking the famous medieval main square.
• Shop at private jewelry factories including two of the best brand names for both silver and traditional fine gold jewelry.
• Dinner in a glamorous Florentine restaurant.

Day 6 – Friday
• Free morning.
• Attend a food experience led by an iconic florentine gourmand specialist where you will enjoy a light lunch.
• Experience an olfactory where you will be introduced to the art of bespoke fragrance making.
• Farewell dinner at our mystery exclusive location!

• Check out of the hotel. Assistance with departure is available if needed.


• You can relax and have a stress-free experience as we’re taking care of the details
• We know Florence and other Tuscan cities well; Camila is a Foreign-Local living in Florence since 2003 and Barbara was born and raised in Tuscany.
• Experience the real Italian Lifestyle with up-to-date and true insider information.
• Engage with the local culture and learn about the stories behind the products you’ll see and/or buy.
• Shopping will be fun and easier with us
• Our Italian Shopping Safari is designed for a small group of women. Space is limited to a maximum number of 10 guests. Smaller groups will be accepted with a minimum of 4 guests. We truly believe that small groups make traveling more fun and it’s absolutely better than traveling alone. Take part in every scheduled day; certainly, there is something to suit everyone!

Let us know which period suits you best, let us know if you have a group of friends or a fellow traveler with whom you want to share the experience with. We can easily adapt to your needs!


Thank you for your interest in the Italian Shopping Safari! We are very excited to shop ‘till we drop with you, before you must take a look to your hotel room for the week. We partner with this list of three different beautiful hotels that we recommend you stay in. All three hotels are located close to our daily meeting points and offer exquisite accommodations. If you choose to book a room at one of these chosen hotels we will send you a discount code to use during booking.


The Palazzo Del Moro is both chic and elegant offering guests all the accommodations necessary for an unforgettable week in Florence. The textured, designer rooms greatly reflect the mood of our Shopping Safari. You will choose one of five luxury suites, each with a unique feel. The location is perfect as well. It is only a 10 minute walk from the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Forio, and it very close to the Shopping Safari meeting points throughout the week.


At Case Botticelli you will be welcomed as not only a guest, but also a friend. This traditional boutique hotel is steeped in history and art. As you walk the halls on your way to your room you will find charming pieces of art. This hotel is in the Santo Spirito neighborhood, overlooking the center of Florence. It is also close to the Shopping Safari meeting points as well, so after a long day of shopping you will not have far to go to return to your room.


Seeing as this is a Shopping Safari it is only fitting that we recommend a hotel that combines elegance with the jungle vibe. This luxury hotel offers hotel rooms that are sure to impress. This hotel is run by a local Florentine family and prides itself on being a luxury oasis in the heart of the Tuscan city. Close to many famous sights around the city as well as the meeting points for the Shopping Safari, Velona’s Jungle is both chic and convenient.


Our Smartbox is for…
 Individuals looking for special purchases for themselves or their loved ones. An hour of discovery!
Couples, families, and dearest friends: share this incredible journey with someone you’d love to have fun with during this interactive shopping!
To all lovers of Florence: who has been there, who will return as soon as possible, who has not yet seen it and wants to get to know it with our Italian Shopping Safari.


We take customers to two of the four special places where we present and offer the products based on the client’s wish-list and style
• 20min: 1st location
• Enjoy a quick “virtual walk” of the elegant Florentine shopping area.
• 20min: 2nd location
• 20min: Closing. Finalization of the details for the shipment of purchases made directly with the boutiques/workshops.
• Purchases are made directly between the customer and the shop by credit card. Home delivery will be taken care of using the data you provide.


Due to the Italian Covid restrictions, the experience is not available until further notice

Private Experience for max. 3 participants

Shoe Atelier Experience where you can design and order your luxury perfect pair of flats, sandals, wedges, boots, loafers, and sneakers (last two models for men too!).
About the Atelier: A slow fashion and sustainable reality that works together with small Tuscan manufacturers, with the best high-quality materials.
Style: Classic with a contemporary twist, a purchase that lasts forever!

A Cozy Women Boutique: offers a selection of niche brands: new and vintage clothing, knick-knacks, accessories, and super cute bijoux.
About the Boutique: A traditional Fashion store and one of the favorites of the “Fiorentine”, the perfect place if you want to dress up as a local!
Style: Romantic, feminine, and fashionable!

A Stylish Women Boutique: offers a selection of only Made in Italy brands: clothing, accessories, and super cool bijoux designers. A curated selection of fragrances too!
About the Boutique: A traditional MultiBrand Fashion store and also one of the favorites of locals, it’s hard not to find a quality piece that fits perfectly in your wardrobe!
Style: International, fashionable and so Italian!

Refined Concept-Store: craft and design proposals ranging from traditional manufacturing to 3D printers, with a particular focus on innovation, design, and eco-sustainability.
About the Concept Store: A place that brings together different objects, products, and creations. In this place, you can find the perfect gift for anyone!
Style: Contemporary, eclectic, sustainable, and one-of-a-kind!


• Contact us via email within 5 days of purchase to schedule your free of charge briefing meeting and activate your Smartbox
• Smartbox is activated only after the briefing
• Date of the experience is available 3 days after the briefing
• The Experience is valid for 1 months from activation

An extra 15 minutes during the experience will be free due to the experience being held virtually, however, if there is a request for additional time, a charge will be necessary. For every 30 minutes, you will be charged an additional 30€.

• 90% refund of down payment if cancelled via email within 24 hours of booking
• 100% refund if cancelled by ITALIAN SHOPPING SAFARI for reasons of force majeure
• In case of unforeseen Covid-19 local businesses restrictions for your Experience requested date, ISS SMART BOX will be valid for an extended period of 3 months from the purchased date


Download e-ticket to virtually wrap your gift!

Camila Cepeda e Barbara Chiucini

We both design your tailor-made lifestyle experience in order to let you have the best time in Florence and Tuscany, our home, and the territory we know best. We follow the latest trends and stay up-to-date on any breaking news in the industry. Our Experiences are about you, your likes, your desires, and your curiosity. We’ll go as far as you like, we’ll take good care of you!


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